About Legacy Outdoors

Here at Legacy Outdoors, we have a great passion helping hunters find the hunting experience they are looking for. Within our team, we have well over 100 years of experience in hunting North America, Africa, Australia, and numerous other destinations worldwide.

Our clients can expect attention to detail, hunting advice honed by years of in the field experience, and a “straight shooter” communication style. We are committed to learning what our clients are looking for so that we can find the perfect trip for them. Once we understand this, we can customize trips that are tailored exactly to our client’s needs and desires.

Our goal is to have clients that become our friends. We want to provide our friends with multiple “trips of a lifetime” experiences that they can cherish for years. 

Our outfitters can expect us to match up clients with the experiences they can offer and set the proper expectations for a trip. We work hand in hand with our outfitters as business partners, often helping them grow their business or continue to make “tweaks” to their trips to continue to raise the bar for our clients. This results in happy clients and happy outfitters – so everyone benefits. 

We have excellent relationships with our outfitters and know their operation in and out. We send multiple clients to our outfitters each year and understand their performance and trends. We have some influence over problems in the rare circumstance there is one. And by being in constant contact with our outfitters, we understand trends in animal populations, weather-related issues like floods or fires, trophy quality, etc. that most of our clients don’t have time to follow. So rather than throwing a dart at the board and hoping you get the right outfitter, let us do the homework for you to ensure you are with the right outfitter for the experience you are looking for. Additionally, we can help you sort through several of the details of undertaking a trip such as travel advice, taxidermists to use, equipment selection, etc. We aim to take care of you from the time you start thinking about an experience until you get your trophies home.