Antelope Hunts

If taking home a record book antelope is something you want to do, then you are in the right place.  Each year, Legacy Outdoors helps antelope hunters be successful by connecting them with high-quality outfitters who produce record class bucks.

Pronghorn are often called antelope or speed goats. They are widespread – found from southern Alberta and Saskatchewan through the western states as far east as Texas, North and South Dakota, and all the way down to northern Mexico.   They are very small in stature with mature bucks weighing anywhere from 90-140 pounds. Pronghorn are usually found in the wide-open desert and prairie flats, but can be also found in the open high country at 10,000’ as well. They thrive in this open country, where they can put their superior eyesight and extreme speeds (they are the second fastest land animal in the world reaching speeds of up to 55MPH) to use to avoid predators.

Types of Antelope Hunts!

We offer archery, rifle and muzzleloader hunts. The areas we hunt produce Boone and Crocket scoring bucks every year. We are continually searching for the new up and coming areas and just don’t bank on past success.

Horn growth is often dictated during the prior year and we factor that in when advising you to a particular outfitter. There are many different hunt combinations and often hunts that can be combined with different big game animals such as mule deer and elk.

How hard is hunting Antelope?

Often people think of antelope hunting as easy. However, there are a lot of factors to consider when hunting for trophy antelope. Scoring antelope on the hoof is tough to do for even seasoned veterans. When you hunt with our outfitters, they will lead you to the best bucks. Getting premium tags can be difficult.  We offer both landowner tags and outfitter allocated tags. We love to talk hunting and would like to help you plan the perfect hunt tailored to you. Whether it be a super comfortable stay at a lodge with easy hunting , a hunt in rugged desert terrain or sitting in a perfectly placed ground blind  waiting for the trophy antelope buck to come into range.

Antelope are arguably the world’s fastest animal – only the famous cheetah can reach faster speeds over short distances. They rut during the month of September, well into October.  We offer hunts in many US states and Canadian provinces, using all weapon types.  We can customize your hunt based on the type of hunt and trophy quality you are looking for. 

If you are looking for a great antelope hunt, give us a call or fill out the form below and let us help you find the perfect antelope hunt for you.

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