Muskox Hunts

A survivor of the ice age, the muskox is well equipped for life in the arctic.  With its long guard hairs and dense inner coat of fine hair called qiviut, it’s able to withstand extreme temperatures.  Grazers, they usually are found in herds.  Wolves are their primary predator – they form a tight circle called a phalanx for protection.  There are two distinct types of muskox in North America. The Barren Ground muskox is found on mainland Canada of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut as well as King William Island.  This type of muskox has the largest horns and heaviest bodies of the two types, weighing up to 750 pounds.  The Greenland muskox is found on the arctic islands in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut as well as Greenland.  Hunts can be conducted in the winter/spring or fall. With guard hairs as long as 24 inches, muskox appear to have a “skirt”. Once harvested, they make a beautiful full body mount. The meat is as fine as prime beef and should be sampled before leaving camp.  Legacy Outdoors offers high-quality hunts for muskox in Canada and Greenland.  We only work with the most reputable hunting outfitters in a region. We have been helping muskox hunters find the best hunts for a long time at no extra cost to the hunter. We constantly keep up with the outfitters and their hunting areas and many other factors can affect muskox hunting success.  We can help you find the best hunts where you have the best chance of success at harvesting a trophy muskox.


Choosing the type of Muskox Hunt!

Muskox hunts are generally not too physical.  There are some considerations to make though.  Generally, the hunts for Barren Ground muskox are more costly, mainly due to costs to access the extremely remote areas of the Canadian arctic.  Access to Greenland is generally a bit easier.  And then there is the time of year consideration. Do you want a fair-weather hunt or a winter hunt? While guard hair stays long all year, the qiviut is not as thick on the fall hunts.  Hides in the winter will be better.  Some hunters may want the true winter experience, others may opt for more mild weather. And then there are transportation methods to consider – some hunts use a sled called a komatik that is pulled behind a snowmobile to get the hunter to camp.  Other hunts utilize walking, ATV’s, and boats to access the muskox.  Legacy Outdoors can tailor a hunt to suit almost anyone. So, whatever your abilities are, after a discussion, we can find the perfect hunt for you. No matter what kind of muskox hunt you’re looking for we’ve got you covered.

When to hunt Muskox!

Fall hunts are conducted in August-October.  The weather is much milder.  Boats, ATV’s, and walking on foot methods will be used.  Combination hunts for central Canadian barren-ground caribou or arctic island caribou are possible.  Winter hunts take place in March-April.  Temperatures can be cold – proper clothing is required. Most outfitters will help provide the proper clothing if the hunter does not have their own.  The Arctic in the winter is truly special. It is common to see northern lights.   

Best places to hunt Muskox!

Nunavut dominates the record book for Barren Ground muskox.  For the Greenland muskox, the NWT and Nunavut – Victoria Island are good places to hunt.  Greenland does produce some book animals as well.  We offer hunts in Nunavut and Greenland for both types of muskox.    Legacy Outdoors represents the best muskox outfitters in North America. Below you will find some info on the most popular locations to hunt muskox.   If you don’t see a particular location you want to hunt muskox just give us a call!  There are so many options, we can’t list them all. 

Canada Muskox Hunts

We offer fall as well as winter hunts for muskox.  Both Barren Ground and Greenland types.  It can be combined with arctic island caribou and central Canadian barren-ground caribou. They have a large herd and excellent trophy quality. Nunavut guides are very good.

Greenland Muskox Hunts

We offer both fall and winter hunts in Greenland.  Fall hunts occur in Aug-Oct and can be combination hunts for both muskox and central Canadian barren-ground caribou.  Hunting methods include boat travel, ATV and on foot.  Winter hunts occur in March-April. Small game like hare, fox, and ptarmigan can also be taken on this hunt.  The winter experience in Greenland is fantastic – the weather is cold but the climate is dry so it’s very comfortable with the correct outerwear.  Travel using snowmobiles or ATV’s to locate the muskox.

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