Coues Whitetail Deer Hunts

While they are small in stature, with a mature buck weighing around 100 pounds and sporting a small rack when compared to a normal whitetail, they are no less trophies and taking one for the record books is quite a feat. The Boone and Crockett minimum is 110 inches. They are tough but fun to hunt and often hunters become addicted once they have been on a hunt. Be prepared to do lots of glassing to find your trophy “gray ghost” of the desert. They are found in Arizona, western New Mexico, and Sonora Mexico. Our outfitters are at the top at producing trophy Coues deer bucks.

Choosing the best type of Coues Deer Hunt!

There are many options when hunting Coues.   Legacy Outdoors can tailor a hunt to suit almost anyone of any physical abilities. Whether it is a ranch hunt in Sonora or being miles away from any road in the Arizona desert. Hunting can take place from the top of a truck in Sonra Mexico sitting on a water hole in a blind or a long pack in to a remote glassing spot. Archery or rifle. So, whatever your abilities or desires are, after a discussion, we can find the perfect hunt for you.  No matter what kind of Coues Deer hunt you’re looking for we’ve got you covered.

When to hunt Coues Deer!

Coues can be hunted from August through February. Early season August hunts can mean taking a Coues in his summer pattern while still in the velvet. The rut usually takes place in December in Arizona and January in Mexico. Arizona has archery seasons that run through January and can be a fun time to hunt when most hunts are over for the year. There are ample opportunities to hunt other species, especially in Mexico.

Best places to hunt Coues Deer!

Both Mexico and Arizona dominate the record books, but record book deer can also be found in New Mexico.  We can discuss your needs and select a location to help you find the quality of Coues you are looking for.  Legacy Outdoors represents several of the best Coues Outfitters in both the United States and Mexico.  Below you will find some info on the most popular locations to hunt Coues deer.   If you don’t see a particular location you want to hunt Coues just give us a call! 

Coues deer hunts in Mexico!

We offer top quality hunt with the very best outfitters in Mexico. We are constantly researching and talking with clients to ensure they have a great hunt. Many hunts take place on ranches in Sonora.   These can be very comfortable with good food. There are many opportunities to hunt several other species including mule deer and Desert sheep. Most who hunt these ranches go back year after year because they have such a great time.

Coues deer hunts in Arizona and New Mexico!

There are ample opportunities to hunt Coues in both states. From August through January we can fit a hunt that fits your schedule. From ranches to backcountry excursions we have several options for you. Hunters become addicted to the Ghost of the desert and often become their number one animal to hunt.

If you are looking for a great Coues Whitetail hunt, give us a call or fill out the form below and let us help you find the perfect Coues Deer hunt for you.

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