Dall Sheep Hunts

Legacy Outdoors offers high-quality Dall Sheep Hunts in North America.  We only work with the most reputable hunting outfitters in a region.   We have been helping Dall sheep hunters find the best hunts for a long time.   We constantly keep up with the outfitters and their hunting areas and many other factors that can affect Dall sheep hunting success.  We can help you find the best hunts where you have the best chance of success at harvesting a trophy Dall sheep.


Dall sheep are often the first wild North American sheep that hunters pursue.  They are the most affordable sheep and their pure white coats and amber, full-curl horns make a beautiful trophy.  Named after American naturalist William Healey Dall, who was one of the earliest scientific explorers of Alaska carrying out several expeditions throughout the 1860s and 1870s, they are found in most of Alaska’s mountain ranges, northern and western Yukon Territories, the Mackenzie Mountains in the Northwest Territories, and extreme northwest British Columbia.  It’s been said that if you hunt sheep, be prepared to want to do it again.  This is generally known as “sheep fever” and many hunters have been afflicted with it over the years. The mountains they live in are truly inspiring. It takes physical and mental fortitude to harvest a sheep. But the experience is unlike any others and is one that will be remembered for a lifetime.  

Dall sheep are one of two North American wild sheep that are considered “thinhorns” – the other being the stone sheep.  The other North American sheep are “bighorns” – the desert (several types), California, and rocky mountain bighorn sheep.  Mature Dall sheep males can weigh 180 pounds but are generally smaller and slimmer than stone sheep.  Typical full curl rams will have horns in the 34-38-inch range, with many specimens exceeding the coveted 40-inch mark.  


Choosing the type of Dall Sheep Hunt!

Dall sheep hunts are not for the faint of heart.  Although Dall sheep inhabit some of the most unforgiving terrain in North America, Legacy Outdoors can tailor a hunt to suit almost anyone.  Most Dall sheep hunts involve a fly-in on a small aircraft like a Piper Super Cub to a remote airstrip – often this is a gravel bar on a river or a flat area on a mountain.  From there you typically will be backpack hunting – sometimes carrying camp on your back and setting up in a different area each night, other times setting up your spike camp and making daily treks into the nearby drainages each day, looking for that big ram.  Plan on lots of glassing and look those sheep over – this can often eliminate miles of walking for a sheep that is not old enough to harvest.  The country that Dall sheep live in is great for other game species such as caribou, grizzly bear, black bear and wolf – they can often be harvested on your sheep hunt.  Legacy Outdoors can tailor a hunt to suit almost anyone. So, whatever your abilities are, after a discussion, we can find the perfect hunt for you. No matter what kind of Dall sheep hunt you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered.

Best Time to Hunt Dall Sheep!

Dall sheep are typically hunted from early August to mid-September.  The areas they call home are rugged and wild and weather can always play a role in the hunt – from 80-degree sunny days to snow, rain, and fog, be prepared for just about anything and be patient – they weather will change and things can happen quickly when it does.  Often, they are hunted as a single species but can be combined with caribou, grizzly, black bear, or wolf so the timing of the hunt can depend on secondary species that a hunter wishes to harvest and what dates those species are in season.  

Best places to hunt Dall Sheep!

Alaska has about 75% of the world’s population of Dall sheep – recent estimates are 70,000 to 75,000 animals.  They are commonly found throughout several of Alaska’s mountain ranges – the Chugach, Wrangell’s, Talkeetnas, Alaska Range, and the Brooks Range are some of the more well-known ranges.  Alaska also dominates the record books for Dall sheep.  Legacy Outdoors represents the best Dall sheep outfitters in North America. We can discuss the type of experience and trophy quality you are looking for and recommend the right hunt for you. 

Alaska Dall Sheep Hunts

We offer fly-in, back-pack style hunts.  Some utilize a nice base camp for staging gear and food, but hunting will almost always be out of light-weight spike camps with freeze-dried food.  These are physical hunts but are very rewarding.  With the ability to offer other species in combination with the Dall sheep, we can customize your hunt.

Canada Dall Sheep Hunts

While not as prolific as they are in Alaska, there are still good opportunities to hunt Dall sheep in northwest Canada. Hunts are conducted the same way as they are in Alaska. We offer fly-in, back-pack style hunts. Some utilize a nice base camp for staging gear and food, but hunting will almost always be out of light-weight spike camps with freeze-dried food. These are physical hunts but are very rewarding. With the ability to offer other species in combination with the Dall sheep, we can customize your hunt

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