Roosevelt Elk Hunts

The rainforest elk. Roosevelt elk are the largest elk of all the elk species with some bulls getting up above 1,100 pounds. They lag behind the rocky mountain elk on overall antler size but have very impressive antlers that carry a lot of mass. We offer high quality trophy bull Roosevelt elk hunts. Many of our outfitters will give you an opportunity at a Boone and Crocket bull. We are continuously searching for the best trophy opportunities for Roosevelts.

Choosing the type of Roosevelt Elk hunt!

Roosevelt elk often inhabit dense rainforests. Hunts can be very tough with very low success rates for many. Which is why it is so important to pick a high-quality outfitter. Hunts can take place in an easier ranch type setting with easy access or be a backcountry wilderness hunt. We offer both private land and public land hunts, archery, muzzleloader or firearm seasons, pre-bugle, bugle, post-bugle and late season, we can do it. So, whatever your abilities or desires are, after a discussion, we can find the perfect hunt for you. Whether you are after a record class bull or just looking to have a good hunt. No matter what kind of Roosevelt elk hunt you’re looking for we got you covered.

When to hunt Roosevelt Elk!

Archery rut hunts take place in late August through September, however there are a few rifle rut hunts available. The rut is definitely the best time to hunt Roosevelts due to the thick habitat they dwell in. They are known to aggressively grunt when bugling, making for some exciting rut encounters. Rifle seasons usually take place in October and November and still provide excellent hunting if done with a high-quality outfitter.

Best places to hunt Roosevelt Elk!

Roosevelt elk hunts take place in the western halves of both Oregon and Washington with some in British Columbia and Alaska. Record book bulls can be found throughout their range on both public and private lands. We can discuss your needs and select a location to help you find the quality of bull you are looking for.  Legacy Outdoors represents several of the best outfitters for Roosevelts.

Roosevelt Elk Hunts in Washington and Oregon

We offer hunts with excellent outfitters. Most of our hunts are done using outfitter provided tags, over the counter tags, or tags that can be drawn with planning. We can walk you through the choices. And if you have acquired several points or drawn a tag. There are opportunities in both states to take Boone and Crockett type bulls.

Roosevelt Elk Hunts in British Columbia

We offer hunts with excellent outfitters. Most of our hunts are done using outfitter provided tags. This is one of the best places to bring home a Boone and Crocket type bull. Seasons are long for both archery and rifle both running from October through November with archery starting a bit earlier to capture the tail end of the rut.

Roosevelt Elk Hunts in Alaska

We offer hunts with excellent outfitters.  Most of our hunts are done using OTC tags but you have to apply a year in advance. These hunts can be combined with several different species and offer good glassing opportunities. This is a fun hunt but doesn’t offer the same opportunities to take record class bulls as bulls tend to be a bit smaller than the 3 places above.

If you are looking for a great Roosevelt Elk hunt, give us a call or fill out the form below and let us help you find the perfect Roosevelt hunt for you.

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