Bison Hunts

The American Bison certainly has an interesting history.  Some call this animal a buffalo, but it’s not a true buffalo like those found in Asia or Africa.  Once said to number between 30 and 50 million animals, the bison was reduced to about 1000 animals by the year 1890.  Accounts vary, but it was hunted commercially for its hides and skins, exterminated to subdue the plains Native Americans who were dependent on them, and eliminated to make way for cattle ranching and farming.  Luckily, the bison has made a great comeback since then due to great efforts by hunter conservationists.

Types of Bison

There are two types of bison in North America – the Plains bison and the Wood bison.  The Wood bison numbers are estimated at roughly 7000 animals and can be hunted in Canada.  They are larger than the Plains bison – big bulls can weigh over 2600 pounds.  They are primarily found in the NWT, Yukon, British Columbia and Alberta.  The Plains bison number over 100,000 animals and have a natural population in Yellowstone National Park and several re-introduced herds in the US plains, Canadian prairies, and Alaska.

Choosing the type of Bison Hunt!

Legacy Outdoors offers high quality hunts for bison in North America.  We only work with the most reputable hunting outfitters in a region.   We have been helping bison hunters find the best hunts for a long time.   We constantly keep up with the outfitters and their hunting areas and many other factors that can affect bison hunting success.  We can help you find the best hunts where you have the best chance of success at harvesting a trophy bison.

Bison hunts can vary greatly based on what a hunter is looking for.  Are you wanting a trophy bull hunt or a young bull or cow hunt for more tender meat?  Do you want to hunt Wood bison or Plains bison?  Do you want a wilderness experience or a ranch type hunt?  Do you want to hunt bison only or possibly combo with wolves or other species? Modern rifle or traditional weapons on horseback?   Legacy Outdoors can tailor a  hunt to suit almost anyone. So whatever your abilities are, after a discussion, we can find the perfect hunt for you.  No matter what kind of bison hunt you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered.

When to Hunt Bison!

Bison hunt timing can vary quite a bit.  We have some hunts that start in October, while others go through February.  It depends on the location and methods used to hunt them.

Best places to Hunt Bison!

Record book entries are spread somewhat evenly throughout the bison range in North America.  For high scoring bulls, the key is to find areas that are managed well by the outfitter.  But the bison hunt is about more than the trophy – the experience to hunt this iconic animal is one everyone should try at least once in their lifetime.  Legacy Outdoors represents the best bison outfitters in North America.  We can discuss the type of experience you are looking for and recommend the right hunt for you.

Canada Bison Hunts

We offer hunts for both Plains bison and Wood bison in Canada.  Often these hunts can be combined with Wolf hunts.  These hunts are not for the faint of heart – taking place in some rugged, remote, and beautiful country.

United States Bison Hunts

We offer hunts for Plains bison in Alaska as well as the great plains of the US.  These bison are in well-managed herds and offer a great hunt.  In Alaska, we can combine the bison hunt with sitka blacktail deer if desired.  In the plains states, we can offer hunts utilizing vehicles and then on foot as well as authentic horseback hunts.  Logistics for bringing all the meat home from the hunts in the lower 48 are also a bit easier.

If you are looking for a great bison hunt, give us a call or fill out the form below and let us help you find the perfect bison hunt for you.

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