Mountain Reedbuck Hunts


 Mountain Reedbuck are found on mountain tops, hillsides, and rocky outcrops at high altitude. There are three recognized subspecies of Mountain Reedbuck The Chandlers, Southern and the Adamawa Mountain Reedbuck. These mountain climbers are relatively small in size, big males weighing about 60 pounds, and they have extremely good eyesight which makes successfully hunting them a true pleasure! Whether it’s their unbelievable ability to scale rocky cliffs or retreat back up a mountain within in seconds, going after these animals remains a physically demanding hunt. 


Where to hunt Mountain Redbucks in Africa!

The Southern Mountain Reedbuck is found from the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa right up north into Botswana. Chandlers Mountain Reedbuck occurs in Tanzania, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Uganda. The Adamawa sub specie has only been recorded at extremely high altitudes in Cameroon. 

Usually found in groups of about 6 members, consisting of 5 females and an adult male. The group will always have one member looking up while others graze, and thus there is a simple trick to hunting them- always try and be on top. These animals do not often look uphill as this is actually their escape route. The mountain reedbucks horns are a lot shorter than those of a common reedbuck, but they do however have the characteristic reedbuck shape of curving forwards.  A male mountain reedbuck with horns that end above the ears will score very well. 

What to expect when hunting Mountain Reedbuck!

You start off a mountain reedbuck hunt by leaving camp early in the morning and heading upright to the top of the particular mountain or hill you decided to hunt that day. By the time you get to the top, your rifle usually feels as though it weighs 70 pounds and not 10. These animals are not very large, so can actually be hunted with smaller calibers, suited for long-range distances -providing the shot placement is on point of course. Long shots are common whilst hunting these mountain dwellers and often the shots are angled downwards. 

Once reaching the top, you walk slowly with your face in the wind, scanning the horizon and hillsides for any signs of your quarry. Usually, the slopes which receive the first sunlight will be where you find what you looking for. Walking in mountainous terrain at high altitudes is tiring and strenuous. So it’s a good idea to let your PH know if you’re perhaps out of breath. Before taking the shot ensure your breathing is where it should be and the shot is going to go off where you need it. If the stalk involves crawling, rolling, and bending (which trust me is the norm when hunting these buggers), take a minute to get your breathing right before lining up the shot. This is important as I can guarantee even your PH is not very excited to chase a wounded mountain reedbuck over hills and cliffs and onto the next mountain range.

Mountain Reedbucks are great to eat!

The meat from a mountain reedbuck is excellent eating, due to the fact that they are highly selective in what they eat. It’s a good idea to ask your outfitter to prepare a meal with some of the meat after successfully harvesting your trophy. This will also add to what you remember from the hunt.

A good point to remember when putting mountain reedbuck on your list or when hunting in mountain reedbuck territory is that in South Africa the Southern mountain reedbuck is not a TOPS animal, so it can be hunted without obtaining a permit beforehand. In South Africa, the common reedbuck is a Tops animal so only may be hunted with a special permit obtained before the hunt and the permit needs to be in the client’s name. 

It has also come to attention that many people are misled by the Vaal Reedbuck and may think this is the same as a reedbuck or simply a Vaal Reedbuck – these animals are not reedbuck, they often occur in the same areas as the southern mountain reedbuck but are not the same.

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