Caribou Hunts

If harvesting a trophy caribou is on your bucket list, then you are in the right place. Each year, Legacy Outdoors leads caribou hunters on successful hunts by connecting hunters with high-quality outfitters.

Legacy Outdoors offers high-quality hunts for five different species of caribou. The areas we hunt have good populations and offer excellent success rates on trophy class caribou. Whether you are looking to bow hunt caribou or hunt with a rifle, we have got you covered. We also have different types of caribou hunts to make sure you have the adventure of your dreams. From the barren tundra to the arctic regions, to the majestic mountains that caribou call home, we offer remote hunts that vary from lodges with all the amenities of home, river float trips, arctic excursions, and deep wilderness spike camp hunts. We love to help plan the perfect hunt and we tailor the hunt to fit what you are looking for. The type of hunt you choose is a big part of the adventure and fun! We have a passion for these hunts. We love to help plan a hunt that is tailored to what you are looking for whether it be a hunt that you bring home a record book Caribou, or a hunt that you get to experience the breathtaking caribou migration. Let us help plan your perfect caribou hunt.

Barren Ground Caribou Hunts

Barren ground caribou are found in Alaska, Yukon, and NWT and are usually the most widely hunted caribou type. This type arguably has the largest antlers of any of the caribou types. We hunt them primarily in Alaska. Click here to learn more about barren ground caribou hunts.

Central Canadian Barren Ground Caribou Hunts

Central Canadian barren-ground caribou are found in the NWT, Nunavut, Northeast Alberta, northern Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and Greenland. In general, they are slightly smaller than barren-ground caribou. Click here to learn more about central Canadian Barren Ground Caribou Hunts.   

Woodland Caribou Hunts

Woodland caribou have the smallest antlers of all caribou species and are found only in Canada, with Newfoundland being the top spot to hunt them. We offer both fly-in and drive in hunts, with very high success rates for Boone and Crockett animals. Click here to learn more about woodland caribou hunts.

Mountain Caribou Hunts

Mountain caribou are the largest bodied caribou type, weighing up to 600 pounds. They are found in BC, NWT, Yukon Territory, and Alberta. Hunt as a single species hunt or combination hunt with several other species. Click here to learn more about mountain caribou hunts.

Quebec Labrador Caribou Hunts

Quebec Labrador caribou hunts used to be a rite of passage for many hunters as the costs were inexpensive, caribou numbers were in the millions, and there was a 2 bull limit.  Thousands of hunters flocked to the Ungava peninsula in Quebec each year to hunt caribou.  At its peak in the late 1980’s, the George River herd numbered 800,000 animals.  By 2011 the George River herd had declined so significantly that hunting was suspended indefinitely.  The herd numbers around 15,000 animals today. The Leaf River herd numbered 430,000 animals in 2011.  By 2016 the numbers had declined to 199,000 animals and sport hunting was suspended after the 2017 season.  Nobody knows exactly what has caused the decline – strain on habitat, climate change, and increased predation (not hunting) have all been discussed as potential causes.  But what we do know is that there will be no more sport hunting of this caribou until numbers recover significantly.

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