Robert’s Gazelle Hunts

The Robert’s gazelle is a Grants gazelle variant. The Roberts gazelle is genetically different to the grants gazelle but the two species can still interbreed. Robert’s gazelle are often found grazing with the Grant’s gazelle as they have the same distribution. 

Best Places to Hunt Robert's Gazelle in Africa!

Roberts’s gazelle can be hunted in scattered populations which occur in Northern Tanzania. These populations are all west of the Rift valley and in the vicinity of the Ngorongoro area. As previously mentioned the Robert’s gazelle is a variant of the Grant’s gazelle but is a species on its own. The Robert’s gazelle can be easily recognized by the horns on male animals. The male Roberts gazelle have horns which bend downwards and not upwards like the Grant’s gazelle. Robert’s gazelle females however, carry the normal gazelle shaped horns. Other than the horns which male Robert’s gazelle carry, their size, characteristics and markings are all identical to that of the Grant’s gazelle. There have been many cases of the two species interbreeding creating a hybrid; the males often have one horn growing upwards and the other growing downwards, and other variants of the grants which grow abnormally long horns.

When recording a trophy in the record books it is important to note that Safari Club International will only record a Roberts’s gazelle if the hunters can provide enough evidence and confirm that it is indeed a Robert’s gazelle and not a hybrid. 

What to expect when hunting a Robert's Gazelle!

Due to the fact that the Robert’s gazelle and Grant’s gazelle live in the same areas and portray the same characteristics- they are essentially hunted using the same methods. The most productive method for targeting these animals is to drive around in areas where the animals are often seen. Gazelle are highly skittish and it is not very often that a shot will present itself from a vehicle. The vehicle Is used to simply cover more ground in a shorter time. After spotting a Robert’s gazelle, or Roberts gazelle herd one will need to walk and stalk in order to get into shooting distance. The areas where these animals congregate have very little cover and are wide open plains and savannas. This means that cover is minimal and long shots are paramount. Setting yourself up in a comfortable shooting position while the animals are still a long way out can also turn out very well for the hunter and not so well for the gazelle. Often outfitters will know the feeding pattern that the animals generally follow which allows one to set up, and wait until the animals appear and shot can be taken. When hunting gazelle in general the shots are long, so be sure to practice and be comfortable at shooting up to 400 yards.

What to look for in a Trophy Robert's Gazelle!

Look for a male with thick bases, and good horn length. In breeding herds there is usually only one mature male and few other very young males which may have just been weaned. These dominant males can be hunted as they are very quickly replaced by another mature male within the vicinity. Bachelor herds are also very common and may produce some excellent trophies. Males which are past their prime and can no longer dominate a younger stronger ram are often found in bachelor herds together with younger animals. These old guys make outstanding trophies as they generally have good character, great horn length, and are the epitome of conservation through hunting.

Gazelle make outstanding full mount trophies as they have a unique body shape in relation to other African game. European mounts look just as impressive, especially if one can present the various species of gazelle side by side in a trophy room, similar to a Springbuck grand slam.

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