Alaska / Yukon Moose Hunts

When hunters think of big bull moose, undoubtedly Alaska comes to mind.  And for good reason, a trophy bull in Alaska will have a spread of over 60 inches and can weigh up to 1800 pounds.  Imagine seeing that big bull coming down the valley to you – eyes rolled back, slobbering, and raking alders with their massive antlers.  It doesn’t get much better than that!


Legacy Outdoors offers high quality hunts for Alaska Yukon moose.  We only work with the most reputable hunting outfitters in a region.   We have been helping moose hunters find the best hunts for a long time.   We constantly keep up with our outfitters and their hunting areas and many other factors that can affect moose hunting success.  We can help you find the best hunts where you have the best chance of success at harvesting a trophy Alaska Yukon moose.


Choosing the type of Alaska Yukon Moose Hunt!

First, do you want to use a guide or try your hand at a Do It Yourself drop camp hunt with some friends? And do you want to hunt moose as a single species or combination hunt? In many areas, moose can be hunted in combination with Brown bear, Grizzly bear, Caribou, Dall sheep, Black bear and wolf for example. What type of weapon do you want to use – bow or firearm? Legacy Outdoors can tailor a hunt to suit almost anyone. We can offer lodge-based hunts, river float hunts and spike camp hunts to name a few. So whatever your abilities are, after a discussion, we can find the perfect hunt for you. No matter what kind of moose hunt you’re looking for we’ve got you covered.

When to hunt Alaska Yukon Moose!

Alaska Yukon moose hunts typically occur in September. Bulls start rutting in early September and calling as well as spot and stalk are very effective options throughout the month.

Best places to hunt Alaska Yukon Moose!

Alaska Yukon moose are found in Alaska, the Yukon Territories and the Mackenzie mountains of the far west Northwest Territories.  However, a look at the record books shows that Alaska dominates for trophy bulls.  With most moose tags over the counter, Alaska is a top choice.  Legacy Outdoors represents several of the best Alaska Yukon moose outfitters in North America. 

If you are looking for a great moose hunt, give us a call or fill out the form below and let us help you find the perfect moose hunt for you.

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