Tule Elk Hunts

The tule elk is found only in California.  Their name comes from a species of sedge, called tule, that is native to the freshwater marshes where the elk historically fed.  This type of elk is the smallest of the 3 types of North American elk.  A large bull will weigh 500 pounds.  The rut usually occurs later than the other types of elk due to the hot climate. They are typically found in open semi-desert terrain and are usually hunted on private ranches in July and August, before the rut leads to fighting which can break off antler points.  This country is very hot during the season – it is not uncommon for temperatures to reach 100 degrees while hunting.  Through our network of outfitters and ranches, we can offer both management and trophy bull tule elk hunts. Many of our outfitters will give you an opportunity at a Boone and Crockett bull.

Choosing the type of Tule Elk Hunt!

Tule elk often inhabit rolling to flat terrain. Most of the tags obtained are landowner tags as drawing a tag through the state is very tough. These hunts often take place on ranches but do take place on public land as well. Archery or firearm seasons, pre-bugle, bugle, post-bugle and late season, we can do it. So, whatever your abilities or desires are, after a discussion, we can find the perfect hunt for you.  No matter what kind of Tule elk hunt you’re looking for we got you covered. 

When to hunt Tule Elk!

With long seasons ranging from July through December there are plenty of opportunities to fit a hunt into your schedule. Early season the bulls are still lazily bachelored up and often you get to judge a trophy bull when he is next to several other bulls still in the velvet. This is a unique opportunity as most other elk hunts do not take place in this setting. You can hunt during the rut, or wait till December when it has cooled off quite a bit. All seasons are productive with success rates approaching 100 percent.

Best places to hunt Tule Elk!

Tule elk hunts only take place in California but they range in several different settings throughout the state.Record book bulls can be found throughout their California range on both public and private lands.  We can discuss your needs and select a location to help you find the quality of bull you are looking for.  Legacy Outdoors represents several of the best Tule elk outfitters in California. Often hunts can be combined with deer, bear and hog. 

If you are looking for a great Tule Elk hunt, give us a call or fill out the form below and let us help you find the perfect Tule hunt for you.

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