Mountain Caribou Hunts

The mountain caribou is the largest bodied North American caribou – mature bulls weigh up to 600 pounds.  They are known for the mass of their antlers and in the fall typically have those stunning dark colored antlers that contrast with their beautiful white mane.  Mountain caribou live in the mid-elevation mountains and valleys of the southern two-thirds on the Yukon Territories, western Northwest Territories, northern and eastern British Columbia and northern and far western Alberta.  Mostly non-migratory, small groups of bulls are typically found at higher elevations in the summer to avoid insects.  They are often taken as a secondary species during sheep or goat hunts in these areas.  As the fall progresses and weather deteriorates, they tend to descend into the valleys.  


Legacy Outdoors offers high quality hunts for mountain caribou in North America.  We only work with the most reputable hunting outfitters in a region.   We have been helping mountain caribou hunters find the best hunts for a long time.   We constantly keep up with the outfitters and their hunting areas and many other factors that can affect mountain caribou hunting success.  We can help you find the best hunts where you have the best chance of success at harvesting a trophy mountain caribou.

Choosing the type of Mountain Caribou hunt!

Mountain caribou can be hunted as a single species or with other species on combination hunts.  They inhabit very remote mountain areas.  Hunts are almost always fly-in hunts with either cabin or spike camp accommodations.  Horseback is another popular method to access these remote areas as well as backpack style hunts.  Plan to do lots of hiking and glassing for those big bulls.  They tend to hang out in small groups which makes stalking them a bit easier than with large groups of animals.  Most areas that they are hunted in also have great populations of dall or stone sheep, Alaska-Yukon or Canada moose, mountain goats, black bear or wolves which makes a combo hunt very economical and feasible.  Legacy Outdoors can tailor a  hunt to suit almost anyone.  So whatever your abilities are, after a discussion, we can find the perfect hunt for you.  No matter what kind of mountain caribou hunt you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered.

When to hunt Mountain Caribou!

Mountain Caribou are typically hunted from mid-late August to late September-early October.  The areas they call home are rugged and wild and weather can certainly play a role later in the season.  Often they are hunted as a single species or in combination with sheep, moose, or mountain goat. 

Best places to hunt Mountain Caribou!

The Yukon territories, closely followed by the Northwest Territories, and then British Columbia lead in record book entries.  But even bulls that do not make the record book make a fine trophy.  Legacy Outdoors represents the best mountain caribou outfitters in North America.  We can discuss the type of experience and trophy quality you are looking for and recommend the right hunt for you. 

Canada Mountain Caribou Hunts

We offer fly-in hunts utilizing both horses and back-pack style hunts.  Final stalking will almost always be on foot.  Cabin based or spike camp tent based hunts.  With the ability to offer several other species in combination with the mountain caribou, we can customize your hunt.  

If you are looking for a great mountain caribou hunt, give us a call or fill out the form below and let us help you find the perfect Mountain caribou hunt for you.

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